Growth Hacking for Instagram™

We help you gain real and active followers on Instagram™, plain and simple.
We also provide the same features for Twitter™: Check out Growth Hacking for Twitter™

So you want followers? Huh? And you're willing to do anything to see your Instagram™ account gain followers?

Well then you've missed the whole point! 😅 Most applications thrive on the fact newcomers on Instagram™ are eager to have a big account, and know little that they will soon regret buying fake followers or using the #FollowForFollow method.

Why so? You may ask...
Well it's really simple, if you buy fake followers, or get followers using #FollowForFollow, these followers will not care about your contents, and will never interact with it.
And believe us, it looks really bad to have a 10K account that gets 200 likes per post, and even worse, Instagram™'s algorithm will punish you for it.

How will Instagram™ punish you for it?
It's quite simple, when you post a new content, Instagram™ will show it to a sample of you followers, let's say you have 10k followers, 2k real, and 8k useless, so I will show it to 5% of your followers, thats would be 500 people. But actually, it will show it to 100 real followers, and 400 ghosts followers. From there it will consider how many interactions you got from those 500 people, and since it showed it to only 100 real persons, your post will perform poorly under Instagram's considerations and it will not show it to your 9500 other followers.
There you go, you've been punished. 😁

You can read more on this topic on the following link.

What do we propose?

We propose to gain followers, not just any followers, but active followers, you pick accounts that are similar to yours, and the application will automatically find a list of potential persons that might be interested with your account and your contents.

Are we free?

Yes you can use the application for free, it has a very intuitive interface, clear guidelines, and it provides very comprehensive stats. We also offer premium services.

What premium services do we offer?

  • A higher number of followings per day.
  • The possibility to unfollow targeted accounts.
  • Detect ghost followers and unfollow them.
Once you have installed the application, check the premium subscription, you will be surprised how cheap it is.

Is it safe to use our application?

It is, we don't store any sensitive information, not even an email address. We're especially safer than most other applications, as we don't need your Instagram™ login/password to work, as we sit on top of Instagram's site.

What payment service are we using for our premium services?

Our payment partner is Stripe. We don't handle any sensitive information, that's Stripe's job. And they seem to be doing a good job at it since they have Deliveroo and as customers. 😎